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July 25, 2012

WCC is Excited to Announce Hammer Nutrition as our Newest Sponsor

Hammer Nutrition provides products designed to increase athletic performance, from Energy Gels and sports drinks to supplements and energy bars. Members of WCC receive a generous discount off the full line, sponsored product, as well as access to knowledge and support from Ryan Correy – the Canadian ‘Fueling Guru’

Watch for further details regarding the exciting opportunity to order the full line of Hammer Nutrition product at a discounted price for WCC members.

We also have access to the wealth of knowledge Ryan has to offer…whether it’s how to fuel for a two hour club ride all the way up to training for an ultra endurance event. There’s no question left unanswered.  Please email Ryan with your questions: ryan@teamperfect.ca and they’ll be answered on our club forum for everyone to learn from!

Ryan has an incredible cycling resume, including recently completing the 4,418 km Tour Divide mountain bike race, being the youngest Canadian to ever complete the Race Across America, racing 25,000 km from Alaska to Argentina along the Pan American Highway, a mind numbing 6 day 20 hour stationary spin, representing the national team, and more!

Please visit Ryan’s website for awe inspiring videos and reading: www.ryansdream.com

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