January 19, 2012

WCC is now a partner with Share the Road Coalition

The Share the Road Cycling Coalition (The Coalition) was created to unite cycling organizations and cyclists from across Ontario and work with and on behalf of municipalities to give them the tools they need to become more bicycle-friendly. The organization’s mandate is province-wide.


Our objective is simple — to make Ontario more bicycle friendly. To accomplish this we focus on:

  1. Developing strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations to maximize our effectiveness.
  2. Promoting cycling wherever and whenever we can, in the media, to community groups, politicians and key stakeholders.
  3. Building capacity in the municipal sector and in communities across the province.
  4. Building the political will to create policies and legislation – including provincial and federal funding constructs — to encourage cycling and address safety issues.

We do this by:

  • Developing relationships with legislators and officials to create champions and increase their education and awareness of the benefits of cycling.
  • Focusing on partnerships with the private sector, funders, governments, and health promotion partners who share our objectives and have the resources and the credibility to create the change we need.
  • Investing in research to make the case for enhanced investment in cycling, and developing a professional evidence-based approach to advocacy, marketing and media relations.
  • Delivering programs such as the Bicycle Friendly Community program and our annual Ontario Bike Summit to share best practices and increase the effectiveness of municipalities and individuals/organizations working at the community level to make a difference. By harnessing their resources, talents and abilities we will create the change we need where it matters most.
The impetus for the Share the Road Cycling Coalition was rooted in a tragic event – the death of cyclist and Ontario Provincial Police Office Sergeant Greg Stobbart in 2006. Seeking to prevent further tragedies, Sgt. Stobbart’s spouse Eleanor McMahon spent two years researching cycling, and cycling organizations in Ontario, Canada, the U.S. and Europe. International and travel to communities across Ontario as part of this environmental scan pointed to the need for a provincial organization to focus on promoting cycling and putting cycling on “the political radar screen”. With best practice examples in hand, the Coalition was launched officially in 2008.

A Board was appointed and the organization was incorporated federally. In 2010 with assistance from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Share the Road conducted a three year strategic and operational plan which was followed by the creation of a fund development plan, a framework for the organization’s future sustainability. As an organization in the start-up phase of its operations, Share the Road is engaged in building partnerships and building its own capacity so that it can continue to roll out programs outlined in the organization’s Strategic plan and developed in consultation with key stakeholders across Ontario.

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